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  • HD 1080P:480×272 pixel native resolution supports 1080P and lets you enjoy HD movies. 400 – 600 lumens with a contrast ratio of 800:1 to maximize LED luminous efficiency. The life of the LED light is over 30,000 hours. Remarkable high dynamic contrast ratio, provides sharp and detailed images from HD content without downscaling or compression, ensuring the best video experience
  • High Performance: The high-definition cable is connected to the computer, and the computer can be played on the same screen through the high-definition cable connection! (HD cable needs to be equipped separately). It can be connected with an external 3.5mm audio, three-to-one AV cable interface connection, simple, convenient, and fast. U disk/SD card to read and play, connect the U disk with content to the USB interface, and the SD card to the TF card slot
  • Large Screen Projection Size:20-60 inches of the large projection screen, you can easily adjust the screen size according to the size of the wall at home, use the big screen to watch a cool movie, listen to a concert you love, or play a game happily. Comfortable projection fun. Watch while charging the mobile power supply, you can see it wherever you go, support 5V-2A mobile power supply, and can be watched anywhere with a USB external mobile power supply
  • Wide Applicability: This mini projector is perfect for home cinema, parties, or camping entertainment in a relatively dark environment. In the home theater, watch a movie with your family and enjoy the warmth of the family. Entertaining games, wireless connection, cool games. Easy to carry when going out, watch anytime. One machine with multiple functions, multi-function interface, support multiple device connection
  • Supports Different Devices: HDMI, USB, small memory card and AV input make this projector be your best home entertainment system. The portable design and simple operation make it easy to carry and set up


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