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Large capacity can be used as a storage bag for traveling, handbag and suitcase.
Large capacity design, easy to carry travel bags.
Portable trolley case fixed belt clip tightly integrated within the aluminum alloy pouch to prevent the bag from slipping off.
And portable trolley case fixed belt, more convenient for you to travel. Suitable for both women and men.
Meanwhile, portable trolley case fixed bag, threedimensional trolley case, suitable for suitcases of different thicknesses.
The shopping bag can be folded, easy to save space and easy to store when not using it. With four antiskid handles, it can hold the suitcase and keep the trolley in place when you are moving around the house without getting wet especially in the cold or snowy weather of your wheels.
Comes with a trolley handle and a trolley case for easy carrying, helping you to get the travel experience on your way or at home.
And portable trolley case fixed belt, more convenient for you to use the suitcase by hand or trolley case.
Large capacity internal space to carry clothing and other accessories.
Conveniently load the trolley with wheels can move with you in time and never have to worry about finding your baggage again.
And portable trolley case fixed belt, more convenient for your travel use, perfect for shopping or other occasions like to work or travel with others. Perfect for groceries, business trips, school or travel to work as a weekender, gym bag, shopping cart and more great gift choice for the luggage of suitcases.
This lightweight tote set is designed for easily packing in a luggage bag without any weight.


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